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About EE
About Expert Employment
Expert Employment is a Permanent, Contract and Temporary assignment recruitment company who provide 360 contingency, web job advertising services and much more very soon.

Company Motto
Work hard, add value, be proud.

To solve recruitment.

Value Proposition
Recruitment made easy.
Since 2009, Expert Employment has sought to make recruitment simple with our existing full service recruitment. However, in recent years, we have enabled customers to have access to a wide choice of internet based job search boards.  
We've now developed our web site to be self serving for customers wishing to undertake most of the work themselves but without access to industry tools.

Our web site enables our B2B customers who are recruiting for staff, (they must be recruiting for themselves) to set up an account and place adverts for just £49.99.
Once a company is registered on our system, we manually verify the employer via our website and e-mail domain matching, pay £49.99 per advert then write and post their role.

Once the employer has been verified by website and email domain matched, candidate applications will be sent direct to their inbox.
The candidate attraction / relevancy for the advertised job is sorted via indexing, rankings and integration with third parties.

Achieving our Motto and Vision

  • Candidates ranked and delivered direct to your in-box
  • Adverts are verified so candidates know who you are and that your job is real
  • Do it all on-line immediately and start getting applicants direct to your inbox
  • Your job advert posted to multiple industry job boards
  • Choice of service options from just £49.99 to post a verified advert and start receiving applications direct
  • £500 recruitment campaign that includes advert writing service, job e-mailed to local suitable candidates and up to 15 adverts re-writes and/or re-posts.

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